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Grown from years of grassroots advocacy efforts, MDHSA is a loosely knit group of volunteers who hope to bring together Maryland homeschool families so that we may stand together and speak with a powerful and united voice on issues relating to homeschooling and protecting a family's right to choice the best education for their children.

MDHSA seeks to understand the unique needs of Maryland homeschool families. Unschoolers - school at home - online virtual schoolers - eclectic curriculum users. Christian - Jewish - Muslim - Atheist - and others. From Western Maryland to the Eastern Shore. We come from varied and diverse backgrounds, but we share one powerful commonality: Our love for our children and our desire to protect homeschooling rights.

Keep Informed

  • 2019 Proposed COMAR Changes
    Two minor changes have been proposed to the Maryland homeschool regulation and we need families to submit their public comments.
  • 2019 Legislative Updates
    Find out about homeschool bills in Maryland's 2019 General Assembly session.
  • Homeschooling and Sports
    Learn more about the Maryland state regulations that govern public school sports participation and how they currently bar homeschoolers from playing high school sports.
  • Maryland Homeschool Regulation Clarifications
    A summary of the August 2018 community meeting, hosted by MDHSA, featuring remarks by Dr. Lynne Muller from the Maryland State Department of Education and commonly asked questions about homeschool regulation compliance.
  • Math High School Graduation Requirements
    A brief history of when Maryland changed its state graduation requirements for math - and why homeschool families may be asked to show 4 years of "regular, thorough" math instruction at their homeschool portfolio review.
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  • UPDATED Maryland Homeschool Statistics
    14 years of data on the number of children homeschooled throughout the state, county-by-county.
  • Maryland Homeschool Days
    30+ museums, nature centers, and other community-based attractions that host exclusive weekday learning opportunities throughout the year.



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