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Grown from years of grassroots advocacy efforts, MDHSA is a loosely knit group of volunteers who hope to bring together Maryland homeschool families so that we may stand together and speak with a powerful and united voice on issues relating to homeschooling and protecting a family's right to choice the best education for their children.

MDHSA seeks to understand the unique needs of Maryland homeschool families. Unschoolers - school at home - online virtual schoolers - eclectic curriculum users. Christian - Jewish - Muslim - Atheist - and others. From Western Maryland to the Eastern Shore. We come from varied and diverse backgrounds, but we share one powerful commonality: Our love for our children and our desire to protect homeschooling rights.

Keep Informed

  • Math High School Graduation Requirements
    A brief history of when Maryland changed its state graduation requirements for math - and why homeschool families may be asked to show 4 years of "regular, thorough" math instruction at their homeschool portfolio review.
  • 2018 Legislative Updates
    Find out about homeschool bills in Maryland's 2018 General Assembly session - including the DEFEAT of HB 1798, the homeschool-child abuse bill.
  • Maryland Homeschool Survey
    Take the 2018 Homeschool Survey and let us know what issues are important to you - and how you would like to join our grassroots volunteer efforts.
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  • UPDATED Maryland Homeschool Statistics
    14 years of data on the number of children homeschooled throughout the state, county-by-county.



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