Spring 2018 Homeschool Days

2018 Spring homeschool days

Spring 2018 Maryland Homeschool Days

Ahhhh, Homeschool Days. With the weather warming up, it’s a great time to start planning some community-based learning trips with your kids. We’ve rounded up 30+ Homeschool Days across Maryland – as well as a few in DC, VA, and PA.

More than just a field trip, Homeschool Days are special weekday learning events that generally feature a hands-on learning activity. Most programs require pre-registration and some fill up more than a month in advance. Cost to participate varies. Oftentimes Homeschool Day programs will break kids into age-specific groups and tailor their program to different learning levels.

So go ahead, look through our list and find a Homeschool Day that will help make your learning come alive. Programs are organized by county within Maryland’s different geographic regions.

Use our online form to submit an upcoming Homeschool Day. Other questions? Contact the museum or program host for more information.

Baltimore Area Homeschool Days

Eco Adventures

Date: March 13 – April 10, 2018
Ages: 5 – 12
Description: 6-week class about biomes
County: Anne Arundel

Historic London Town

Date: March 21 & 28; April 11, 2018
Ages: 5 – 14
Description: Learn about archaeology and early Marylanders
County: Anne Arundel

Maryland Historical Society

Date: March 14 & May 16
Ages: 5 – 18
Description: Learn about Maryland’s history using primary sources and age-appropriate hands-on activities, and crafts.
County: Baltimore City

The Walters Art Museum

Date: March 15; April 19; and May 17, 2018
Ages: 5 – 10
Description: Enjoy an introduction to the museum, a guided tour, studio activity, and post-visit materials. Each month features a different topic.
County: Baltimore City

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Date: April 11 & 13
Grades: PreK – 2nd
Description: Classical music concert
County: Baltimore City

SkyZone Homeschool Hop

Date: Every 2nd Friday
Ages: Ages 5 and up
Description: 1-hour of jump zone fun
County: Baltimore County

Benjamin Banneker Historical Park & Museum

Date: March 14, 2018
Ages: 6 – 12
Description: Learn about native bees and pollination.
County: Baltimore County

Eden Mill Nature Center

Date: 3-week class each month
Ages: 6 – 12
Description: Different monthly hands-on nature topics
County: Harford

Robinson Nature Center

Date: March 1, April 5, and May 3
Ages: 4-5 and 6-13
Description: Hands-on nature and science classes
County: Howard

Howard County Public Library

Date: April 4 – 5
Ages: Different age groups
Description: HCPL will still be running daytime Spring Break classes at their different branches, despite the public schools now being in session. Let your local librarian know ahead of time that you’ll be attending.
County: Howard

Capital Area Homeschool Days

Josiah Henson Park

Date: May 11, 2018
Ages: 8 and up
Description: Explore the man who helped inspire Harriet Beecher Stowe’s fictional book, Uncle Tom’s Cabin.
County: Montgomery

Patuxent National Wildlife Refuge Center

Date: Various dates between March and June
Ages: 4 – 16
Description: Various hands-on nature classes for different ages
County: Prince George’s

SkyZone Homeschool Hop

Date: Every Friday when public schools are in session
Ages: Ages 5 and up
Description: 1-hour of jump zone fun
County: Washington County

Days End Horse Rescue Farm

Date: 2nd or 3rd Wednesday of each month
Ages: 5 – 17
Description: Each month features a different hands-on lesson about horses.
County: Frederick

Montpelier Museum

Date: March 6, 2018
Ages: 7 and up
Description: Examining portraiture throughout the centuries, we will see how family life has changed from the 1700s to the present.
County: Prince George’s

College Park Aviation Museum

Date: April 10, 2018
Ages: All Ages
Description: Learn about the forces of flight.
County: Prince George’s

Six Flags

Date: April 20 & May 11, 2018
Ages: All Ages
Description: Enjoy different days of physics and math while riding amusement park rides.
County: Prince George’s

Hard Bargain Farm at Accokeek

Date: May 25, 2018
Ages: 5 – 12
Description: This year’s Hard Bargain Farm homeschool classes will help students learn to hone their senses to explore the farm
County: Prince George’s

Western Maryland Homeschool Days

Fountain Rock Park

Date: March 20 – June 5
Ages: 6 – 8
Description: 12-week nature based class
County: Frederick

Rose Hill Manor Park

Date: April 3 – July 3
Ages: 6 – 13
Description: Homeschool history series
County: Frederick

Catoctin Creek Park

Date: April 6 & 27, May 4 & 18, 2018
Ages: 5 – 12
Description: Multi-disciplinary and hands-on ecology classes
County: Frederick

Eastern Shore Area Homeschool Days

Salisbury Zoo

Date: 1st Thursday of every month
Grades: Elementary and Middle school levels
Description: Monthly zoology classes. The same topic is presented again on the 3rd Thursday of the month.
County: Wicomico

Southern Maryland Area Homeschool Days

Flag Ponds Nature Park and Battle Creek Cypress Swamp

Date: Various dates throughout March to June
Ages: 4 – 16
Description: Various nature classes for different age groups
County: Calvert

Calvert Marine Museum

Date: March 21, 2018
Grades: 5th – 8th
Description: articipate in a morning session at the Calvert Marine Museum and an afternoon session at Annmarie Garden. Learn how artists paint murals, make models, and decorate boats.
County: Calvert

Historic St. Mary’s City

Date: March 28
Ages: 5 and older
Description: Spend a day with hands-on, minds-on activities, learning about the Yaocomaco who lived here, and the Europeans who arrived here.
County: St. Mary’s County

Washington DC, Virginia, & Pennsylvania Area Homeschool Days

Turkey Hill Experience

Date: March 14, 2018
Ages: All Ages
Description: Learn about the food science of ice cream.
County: Pennsylvania

The Hershey Story Museum

Date: March 28, 2018
Ages: All Ages
Description: Hands-on learning in the Chocolate Lab
County: Pennsylvania

Hershey Park

Date: Month of May
Ages: All Ages
Description: Download learning guides and then watch your STEM learning come alive on the amusement rides
County: Pennsylvania

Black Rock Retreat

Date: April 16 or 17; April 30 or May 1; and May 14 or 15, 2018
Ages: 6 – 17
Description: Different Christian-themed outdoor STEM learning experiences each month.
County: Pennsylvania

George Washington’s Mt. Vernon

Date: March 12, 2018
Ages: All Ages
Description: Learn more about George Washington and life during colonial time with this immersive living history event.
County: Virginia

National Building Museum

Date: March 27 & May 24, 2017
Ages: 4 – 14
Description: Children learn to create buildings and places while focusing on teamwork and problem-solving skills.
County: Washington DC

Dumbarton House

Date: March 29, April 26, & May 31, 2018
Ages: 5 – 12
Description: Travel back in time 200 years to learn about Washington DC.
County: Washington DC

National Zoo

Date: Multi-week programs starting each month
Ages: 5 – 14
Description: Various zoology classes for different ages
County: Washington DC

Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History

Date: 1st Monday of each month
Grades: 3rd – 5th
Description: Hands-on classes that explore topics such as minerals, Egypt, and ecosystems
County: Washington DC

Spy Museum

Date: May 1, 2018
Grades: 4th and up
Description: Uncover the secret history of history.
County: Washington DC

Did we miss a Homeschool Day? Let us know in the comments or use our online form to submit an upcoming Homeschool Day any time of the year.


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