Time To Register for SAT and ACT

If college is on your homeschool high schooler’s horizon, then registering for the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) or the ACT (American College Testing) will need to make it to your to-do list this year. Even though 800+ colleges nationwide have announced policies that allow freshmen applicants to opt-out of submitting standardized testing, most of those colleges still require homeschoolers to submit SAT or ACT scores.

Homeschoolers can register for either the SAT or ACT online or through postal mail. If you want a hard copy of the registration booklet, stop by your local high school and ask for one. They’re usually sitting in a stack by the front door of the guidance office. (No need to tell anyone you’re a homeschooler. You’re just a parent who needs a copy.)

2015-16 SAT & ACT Test Registration Dates

Registration dates are usually 1-month before the actual test date. If you miss regular registration, you can pay a late-fee and still sign up.

Test dates are always early Saturday morning at a local public or private high school. You do not have to attend the test-site’s school in order to register for that location. NOTE: Families can request special Sunday testing for religious purposes.

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  1. Good reminder. These dates always creep up on us.

  2. Does anyone actually take the ACT? The homeschoolers we know only take the SAT. Is there a benefit to one or the other?

  3. If you select the part-time option, you will remain registered with your district as a homeschool student. Please note that as an FLVS Part Time student, you will not receive a diploma.

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