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Maryland does not allow homeschoolers or private school students to receive state-issued diplomas once they finish their high school course of study. To many families new to homeschooling, this may sound frightening, but the reality is a state-issued diploma is not the only document that can prove a student is a high school graduate.

Diploma Options for Maryland Homeschoolers

  • Parent-Issued Diploma
    As a legally recognized educational alternative to public schools, homeschoolers can determine their own graduation requirements and issue a certificate stating their child has officially completed their high school course of study. While you cannot call your certificate of completion a "Maryland High School Diploma", you can label it a "Maryland Homeschool Diploma". NOTE: Colleges, military recruiters, vocational schools, and some employers may ask to see a portfolio of documentation to vertify a parent-issued diploma represents a similar level of achievement as assumed by a state-issued diploma.
  • Umbrella-Issued Diploma
    Homeschool umbrellas are registered entities that are allowed to provide homeschool oversight in lieu of county homeschool liaisons. Most umbrellas are run as education ministeries through an officially recognized religious organization, such as a church, mosque, or synagogue. Umbrellas are not regulated by the state of Maryland and have no state-granted diploma-granting authority. They can, however, issue a homeschool diploma, the same as a homeschool parent. Such a diploma can state that the homeschooler completed their high school course of study with the oversight of the umbrella.

  • Accredited School Diploma
    Some Maryland homeschool umbrellas are non-public schools that are registered with the State of Maryland to also provide homeschool oversight. These umbrellas range from the nationally recognized Calvert School, schools that submit to national accrediting standards; to schools that grew out of homeschool co-ops and operate with nominal state oversight. Diplomas issued by school-based umbrellas may be recognized as having more worth than a parent-issued diploma, based solely on the status of the sponsoring school.
  • GED State Diploma
    On occasion, a family will want or need an official Maryland state diploma. While you cannot get one for simply homeschooling, you can get one if you take and pass the GED. In an effort to destigmatize the GED, the diploma you receive will say: "Maryland High School Diploma", instead of "General Equivalency Diploma". The only way to know the diploma was earned through the GED is that it will not include a specific school name.

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The information on this page is provided for informational purposes only. It is not to be considered legal advice or counsel.



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