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Who is the Maryland Homeschool Association?

MDHSA is a grassroots, all-volunteer run, secular, and inclusive organization that supports the needs of homeschoolers in the state of Maryland. Founded by Alessa Giampaolo Keener, MDHSA serves as a clearinghouse for information about homeschooling in Maryland and a monitor of regulatory and legislative issues relating to homeschooling.

Why MDHSA Needs Your Help?

Despite countless volunteer hours from families across the state, for more than 15 years all the costs associated with maintaining the MDHSA website, attending meetings and General Assembly hearings, and hosting occasional community activities have been paid for by a single family. While helping to make information freely available to Maryland families who homeschool over 28,000 children across the state is a labor of love, it also comes with a financial price tag.

Having recently undergone unexpected heart surgery in May (and all the copays and deductibles that go with it), Alessa and her family are asking the community for financial help in keeping the MDHSA website going. Your $10+ donation will go directly towards supporting the access of helpful and reliable information about homeschooling in Maryland.

How Do You Give?

You can support MDHSA through the following ways.

  1. GoFundMe
  2. PayPal

What Are Levels of Support?

Each level of support includes the listed benefits, as well as all benefits for any lower level of benefits that may apply to you.

  • $10 donation: Receive a laminated MDHSA Supporter Card, which may be used to obtain educator discounts. Be eligible for our September 2019 thank you giveaways.
  • $25 donation: Receive recognition as a Homeschool Supporter on the MDHSA website. If you are an eligible club organizer with Girls Who Code, you will receive an extra $100 from GWC towards your new hands-on STEM club.
  • $50 donation: Receive recognition as a Homeschool Patron on the MDHSA website, along with a clickable link to your business website. If you are qualifying co-op, you may apply for free G-Suite for Education privileges.
  • $100 donation: Receive recognition as a Homeschool Patron on the MDHSA website using your business logo, name, and clickable link to your business website. Receive a special discount offer for a Premium Listing on the MDHSA Service Directory.

If you have already donated at one of these levels, please be certain that we have your email address so we can be in touch about your Support Reward.

Last modified on September 26, 2019