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Get the latest 2022 legislative updates on Maryland General Assembly bills relating to homeschooling and general education issues.

2022: HB 832 Education – Maryland Homeschool Advisory Council

This bill seeks to create the Maryland Homeschool Advisory Council in the State Department of Education. The Advisory Council would gather information on the needs of homeschool parents and homeschool umbrella schools and advise the State Superintendent of Schools, the State Board of Education, the General Assembly, and the Governor on matters relating to homeschooling.

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2022: HB 1122 / SB 987 – Public Schools – Home School Students – Extracurricular Activities (Right to Play Act of 2022)

This bill would require each public school to allow students in home instruction programs to participate in extracurricular activities sponsored by the school if the student would otherwise be eligible to attend the public school and the student meets and complies with the public school’s requirements for participating in the extracurricular activity.

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2022: HB 1156 – Primary and Secondary Education – Education Savings Account Program – Established

This bill would create an Educational Savings Account Program that would grant money to parents of public, private, and homeschool children who would then be enrolled in a “qualifying school”.

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2022: HB 737 – Alternative Education Options – Right to Learn and Broadening Options and Opportunities for Students Today Programs (Right to Learn Act of 2022)

This bill would require school districts to notify parents whose children attend failing public schools of the option to pursue alternative educational options, including homeschooling. The bill would also require the schools to provide families with scholarship funds so that they can pursue school choice options.

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Last modified on March 2, 2022

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