Thinking About Short-Term Homeschooling?

If you are considering short-term homeschooling for your children, for health and safety reasons due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve collected important links to help you understand the difference between legally homeschooling and crisis school-at-home.

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Who We Are

Grown from years of grassroots advocacy efforts, the Maryland Homeschool Association is a loosely knit group of volunteers. MDHSA seeks to understand the unique needs of Maryland homeschool families. From Western Maryland to the Eastern Shore, we welcome all families from varied and diverse backgrounds.

We may differ in educational philosophies, skin color, religious choice, or countless other ways – but we share one powerful commonality: Our love for our children and our desire to protect homeschooling rights.

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The Maryland Homeschool Association prides itself in crowdsourcing community involvement to support the statewide needs of homeschooling families, like yourself. When we put out a Call to Action, hundreds of families respond with help. Join us today!

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Homeschooling 101

In order to homeschool in the State of Maryland, parents must first submit a Notice of Intent form with their local county school board. Find out more about the 2-week wait period; compliance reviews; the difference between a support group, a co-op, and an umbrella; choosing curriculum; and more.

While homeschoolers are not eligible to receive a Maryland state diploma after completing their high school homeschool years, that does not mean your child needs to get a GED. Get more information about granting high school credits; homeschool graduation requirements; the difference between a parent-issued and an umbrella-issued diploma; applying for the College Promise Scholarship; and even how homeschoolers can apply for their driver’s permit.

Homeschooling a child with special needs can add an extra layer of challenge for parents. While Maryland homeschool children are not guaranteed IEP services through their local public schools, families can access free testing to help them better understand their child’s learning needs. Discover the resources that are available to help your gifted or special needs child achieve their potential.

The right to legally homeschool in Maryland is tied to the state’s Compulsory School Age Law, as well as COMAR 13A.10.01, the regulation that addresses the rights and responsibilities of families who chose to educate their children at home. Learn more about COMAR – and the latest education bills introduced in Annapolis that could impact your homeschooling rights.

Find over 45 different museums, nature centers, and other community-based organizations that offer specially designed Homeschool Days throughout the year. Slots are limited, so you’ll want to plan ahead and register before classes fill up.

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Last modified on March 20, 2022

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