About Alessa

Alessa, the founder of the Maryland Homeschool Association, homeschooled her two children from kindergarten into college. As an advocate for parental rights and social justice, Alessa believes in respectful, collaboration that leads to productive goals that promote and preserve school choice. With a Masters degree in education from Johns Hopkins University, Alessa is an educational consultant, recognized as an expert witness in matters of special education, special student populations (including homeschooling), and best school fit. She has worked as part of defense teams in divorce, custody, and juvenile criminal cases in numerous counties across the state.

New Laws for Maryland Homeschool Umbrellas and Co-ops


In 2019, the Maryland General Assembly passed 2 new laws relating to nonpublic schools. These laws do not directly affect individual homeschool families, but they may impact homeschool umbrellas and co-ops that operate as state-approved OR church-exempt nonpublic Read more...

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Support MDHSA


We're more then 1/2 way towards our fundraising goal! Help us today with a $10 donation. Who is the Maryland Homeschool Association? MDHSA is a grassroots, all-volunteer run, secular, and inclusive organization Read more...

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Free and Low Cost Testing


Psychological and Educational Free and Low Cost Testing If you suspect your homeschool child has a special learning need, you can request a FREE comprehensive evaluation through your local public school. The guaranteed free testing falls under the Federal law Read more...

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Autism Waivers


Maryland Autism Waiver Program The Maryland Autism Waiver Program provides service support to families who do not choose institutionalization for their autistic child. Home and community waiver services available for autistic children up to the age of 21 include: Read more...

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