Anne Arundel County Virtual Monarch Academy

Anne Arundel County’s Monarch Academy-Annapolis, a tuition-free public contract school operated by the Children’s Guild, announced a new virtual school program for the 2020 – 21 school year. Enrollment is limited and open on a first come-first enrolled basis. Homeschool families who apply to and are accepted into Monarch Academy’s virtual school will be enrolled as public school students.

Contact Person: Rachel Amstutz
Contact Email:
Eligibility: Students must meet Maryland state birthday cut-off requirement. Additionally, families must live in Anne Arundel County to qualify for free tuition.
Grades: PreK – 5th
Type of School: 80% of instruction occurs online. Up to 20% of instruction occurs in-person, however parents may opt to stream that instruction or conduct the instruction themselves at home.
Class Time: Each grade level will have specific large-group live classes, as well as small group live classes for students to attend. Times will vary but will be between 8.30am – 2.55pm.
Special Education: If Monarch Academy students are found eligible for IEP services, services will be provided through the program.
& Sports:
Monarch Academy does not offer afterschool sports. Extracurricular clubs and activities will be offered virtually and in-person during 2020-21.
State Testing: Required and will be in-person.
Service Learning: N/A
Diploma: This program is not currently offered to high school students.
Computer: All Monarch Academy students will receive a Chromebook, which must be returned if and when they unenroll from the program.

Last modified on July 10, 2020

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