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Discover which access (and limitations) Maryland homeschoolers have to IDEA and special education services. You’ll also find community-based resources for specific special needs.

Free and Low Cost Testing


Psychological and EducationalĀ Free and Low Cost Testing If you suspect your homeschool child has a special learning need, you can request a FREE comprehensive evaluation through your local public school. The guaranteed free testing falls under the Federal law Read more...

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Autism Waivers


Maryland Autism Waiver Program The Maryland Autism Waiver Program provides service support to families who do not choose institutionalization for their autistic child. Home and community waiver services available for autistic children up to the age of 21 include: Read more...

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Hearing Aid Loan Program


Hearing Aid Loan Bank The Maryland State Department of Education's Division of Special Education/Early Intervention Services formed the Maryland Hearing Aid Loan Bank (HALB) in order to provide loaner hearing aids to Maryland children. Families with newly diagnosed deaf Read more...

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IEP Process


Walking You Through the IEP Process Federal and state law requires public schools to provide special education services from birth to the age of 21. All children under the age of 5 - including Read more...

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Special Education


IDEA: Federal Special Education Law Federal law governs how special education services are provided to students enrolled in their local public schools. Specifically, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) explicitly sets out how public schools must Read more...

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