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Free Child Find Evaluations for Homeschoolers

If a homeschool parent suspects their child may have a learning disability, they may request a free evaluation through their local public school. Governed by the Individual’s with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), all public schools in America must provide this Child Find service to all students, regardless of where they attend school.

Requests for a special education evaluation must be made in writing. You may use the following text to request testing services for your child. Insert the appropriate information where you see brackets or a blank space.

Sample Request Letter You Can Use

I am requesting that [name of school district] conduct a Child Find evaluation, as provided by the Individuals with Disabilities Act 2004, for my child, [child’s name], age __ and in grade __. Through the course of our homeschooling, I am concerned that [child’s name] is not making adequate progress in the area(s) of [reading/spelling/writing/math].


Your letter should also include a specific statement about your concerns. Framing your concerns in educational language school administrators can understand will help facilitate an initial meeting.

Your written request may be sent to your designated “home” school – the school your child would attend if they were enrolled in public school. The letter may be addressed to the school principal or school guidance counselor.

Special Needs Concerns:

  • Failure to read at grade level despite regular instruction with [name of phonics/reading program]

  • Failure to retain and apply math concepts despite regular instruction with [name of math program]

  • Inability to write legibly and coherently despite regular instruction with [name of writing program]

  • Problems with processing speed, which makes learning concepts take longer and presents obstacles to being able to recall material quickly and readily.

  • Problems with attention and organizational skills that prevent successful completion of assignments and tests

  • Inability to regulate sensory input in a manner that allows my child to properly attend to learning

Once the school receives your written request, they are bound by federal law to meet and conduct testing within ninety (90) days. Parents may be required to provide the school with work samples and other information to help school officials conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the child’s current ability and achievement.

Should the school decline to conduct an evaluation, they must provide you with a Prior Written Notice – a written explanation for why they said no. Once you receive your PWN, you may follow the due-process procedures to appeal the decision.

Last modified on September 13, 2019

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