Getting Your Driver’s License as a Homeschooler

Maryland utilizes a graduated license system for all applicants under the age of 25 applying for their first driver’s license. Part of the process REQUIRES all new drivers to complete a certified driver education course, which includes:

  1. Minimum 30-hours of classroom instruction AND
  2. 6-hours behind the wheel instruction training AND
  3. Electronic verification of the completed submitted directly to MVA

No Homeschooling Allowed

Because Maryland approves each and every driver education course curriculum that is used throughout the state, families cannot homeschool driver’s ed for their teen. You can find a complete list of approved driving schools on the MVA’s website.

Find more information about Maryland’s rookie driver resources. Download a copy of the Maryland Driver’s Manual so you can jumpstart studying for the written test.

School Attendance Certification Form

In Maryland, teenagers are eligible to obtain a driver’s learner’s permit at the age of 15 years and 9 months. State law, however, requires that teens under the age of 16 must submit a School Attendance Certification form. This rule applies to homeschoolers.

You can download Form DL-300 from the MVA website.

Completing Form DL-300

Homeschoolers who review with their county should contact their school board liaison to make an appointment to have the form completed. Homeschoolers registered with an umbrella group must have the umbrella’s director sign the form.

  • The form must have a raised seal stamp on it
  • The form must be placed in a sealed envelope with stamp or seal on the flap

The MVA may verify that a homeschool umbrella group is in fact registered with the Maryland State Department of Education. To expedite the process, by sure to provide MVA staff with this link to MSDE’s official list of umbrellas:

The School Attendance Certification form is not required after a teenager’s 16th birthday.

Last modified on September 13, 2019

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