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Learn about homeschool graduation requirements and how to grant high school credits. Understand the difference between a parent-issued and an umbrella-issued diplomas. And, find out how your homeschool teen can apply for their driver’s permit, work permits and the Maryland College Promise Scholarship.

Math Requirements


In 2013, the Maryland General Assembly passed SB 740, creating a new math graduation requirement for public school students. While the law does not directly effect homeschoolers, it does establish the standard of what is "usually taught" in public Read more...

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Service Learning Hours


Including Volunteering In Your Homeschool Maryland law requires public school students to complete 75-hours of service-learning (aka "volunteer hours") before they can graduate from high school. This graduation requirement does not apply to Maryland homeschoolers, but a number of Read more...

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Taking the GED


Taking the GED as a Homeschooler Anyone wishing to take the GED exam in the state of Maryland must be at least 18-years old. Maryland, however, does allow certain individuals to take the GED at an earlier age. Maryland Read more...

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