About Alessa

Alessa, the founder of the Maryland Homeschool Association, homeschooled her two children from kindergarten into college. As an advocate for parental rights and social justice, Alessa believes in respectful, collaboration that leads to productive goals that promote and preserve school choice. With a Masters degree in education from Johns Hopkins University, Alessa is an educational consultant, recognized as an expert witness in matters of special education, special student populations (including homeschooling), and best school fit. She has worked as part of defense teams in divorce, custody, and juvenile criminal cases in numerous counties across the state.

2019 Legislative Updates


2019: SB 260 Community Colleges - Maryland Community College Promise Scholarships - Revisions This bill seeks to alter the eligibility requirements for a Maryland Community College Promise Scholarship and alter the employment requirements relating to a service Read more...

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IEP Process


Walking You Through the IEP Process Federal and state law requires public schools to provide special education services from birth to the age of 21. All children under the age of 5 - including Read more...

IEP Process2019-09-13T20:57:56-04:00

Special Education


IDEA: Federal Special Education Law Federal law governs how special education services are provided to students enrolled in their local public schools. Specifically, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) explicitly sets out how public schools must Read more...

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High School Requirements


High School Credit Requirements Maryland state high school graduation requirements do not directly apply to homeschoolers. As such, Maryland families have quite a bit of flexibility in designing their homeschool high school course requirements. Homeschooling High Read more...

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Homeschool Diplomas


Basics About Homeschool Diplomas The Bottom Line: Maryland homeschoolers do not receive a state-issued diploma once they complete high school. State law lists specific requirements public school students must meet before receiving a diploma. Requirements include attending Read more...

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