Basics About Homeschool Diplomas

The Bottom Line: Maryland homeschoolers do not receive a state-issued diploma once they complete high school. State law lists specific requirements public school students must meet before receiving a diploma. Requirements include attending public school, earning specific course credits, completing service learning hours, and successfully taking high school exit exams. If a student does not meet all those requirements, they do not receive a public high school diploma.

The Good News: For 20+ years, homeschoolers across the country have successfully been admitted into colleges, enlisted in the military, and gotten jobs with parent-issued homeschool diplomas.

More About Diplomas

Maryland GED

The General Education Diploma, or the GED, has long been associated with high school drop outs who go back to night school in order to complete their education. Over the last few years, the GED exam has become quite rigorous. Now, if you want to earn a GED, you must take 4 separate exams, taking up to 7 hours of time to complete.

Stigma or not, the GED remains the only alternative available to non-public school students for obtaining a state-issued diploma.


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Last modified on September 5, 2023

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