Free Virtual Schools in Maryland

Many states offer online virtual school options that provide a free e-learning education to students. Because these students are allowed to complete their online classes at home, this type of virtual school choice looks very similar to homeschooling. In reality, these students enroll with their local public school district and enjoy most, if not all, the rights and responsibilities as traditional brick and mortar public school students.

Maryland, however, has been slow to join the virtual school choice movement. In 2007, Baltimore County offered a 1-year pilot program with Connections Academy. That program allowed homeschool students to enroll in public school but complete all their coursework at home through the Connections digital platform. The program was not extended after that one year. Some families returned to homeschooling, while others stayed enrolled in Connections Academy at their own expense.

Publicly-Funded Virtual School Options in Maryland

Since 2007, no other full-time virtual learning opportunities have been made available to Maryland families – until July 2019!

Beginning in the 2019-20 school year, Kent and Queen Anne’s counties will pilot two separate e-learning opportunities. Families have until September 30 to enroll. Enrolled children will officially become public school students. Read on for details about each program and who you can contact for additional information.

Last modified on July 10, 2020

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